Plexiglass Barriers & Sneeze Guards

Separate your space and help mitigate spread of germs with Plexiglass Barriers/Sneeze Guards.

Plexiglass Barriers/Sneeze Guards

Placing barriers or sneeze guards at points of close proximity interactions may help in mitigating contact with micro-droplets and spray. Choose from multiple ready-to-install options or customize your barriers to your operational needs. All ready-to-install options come in a standard size of 24″W x 32″H.

Choose from multiple Ready-To-Install options.

Customize size and window options for specific layout needs.

Install barriers in record time with professional installation services.

NewBold Technologies makes no guarantee as to the efficacy of the products for your intended use, including its performance in preventing the transmission of infectious or contagious disease or virus, such as the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, commonly known as COVID-19.

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